Technologies for the Emerging Cellulosic Biorefinery Industry

PureVision Technology, Inc. ("PureVision") has developed and patented innovative technologies that hold the promise of making the cellulosic biorefining industry technologically successful and profitable. PureVision's carbon-neutral biomass fractionation and rapid hydrolysis technologies convert abundant cellulosic biomass into sugars, lignin and energy that are bio-based raw materials to make many industrial and consumer products. Cellulosic biomass excludes food and grains like wheat and corn but consist of wheat straw, corn stalks, trees and energy crops. These and other cellulosic feedstocks can be used in the PureVision process to produce many different products, such as ethanol, butanol and green gasoline, to replace petroleum-based products and liquid fuels.

Through photosynthesis, plants (biomass) absorb carbon dioxide and store increasing amounts of carbon as they grow. PureVision has developed a unique process to extract the carbon-derived sugars and lignin stored in plants to produce a myriad of renewable and carbon-neutral products.