Technologies for the Emerging Cellulosic Biorefinery Industry

PureVision Technology (PureVision) has developed a fundamentally new and advanced method to convert abundant and under-utilized non-food biomass into value-added resources. Non-food cellulosic biomass consists of feedstocks such as corn stalks, wheat straw, trees, energy crops and industrial hemp, and excludes food and grains. PureVision is demonstrating the unique capabilities of its patented technology and is now scaling up for worldwide deployment. PureVision has partnered with three Global 500 companies to validate, scale up and commercialize its technology, and is positioned to be first-to-market with its technology in the emerging industrial hemp processing industry.

PureVision is actively seeking additional strategic partners and investors interested in rapidly advancing the PureVision Technology and the global transition from a petroleum-based economy to a biobased economy. Investors are being sought to fund a $10 million A-Round equity offering to prepare PureVision to launch its first commercial project.