PureVision Completes Shakedown, Biomass-to-Sugars Pilot Plant Operational

May 14, 2013

PureVision Technology, Inc., a Colorado-based bioresource technology development company, has completed the shakedown phase and is now operating its continuous biomass-to-sugars pilot plant.

“This is a huge milestone,” noted Ryan Tarrant, PureVision’s Assistant Project Manager and Safety Manager. “The shakedown of the pilot plant allows PureVision to begin testing non-food biomass feedstocks for internal R&D and for clients, an essential step in the scale-up and commercialization of the PureVision technology,” he said. “PureVision’s technologies are considered next generation because they utilize non-food cellulosic biomass such as wood, energy crops, corn stalks and corncobs.”

In the PureVision technology, raw biomass is fed into the pilot plant reactor and rapidly converted into concentrated mixed sugar syrup along with high-value co-products using PureVision’s proprietary equipment and processes. These cellulosic sugars and lignin are the building blocks for manufacturing a myriad of materials and products including bio-plastics, bio-fuels and specialty chemicals, many of which are currently petroleum-based.

The construction and shakedown of the PureVision pilot plant took 14 months to complete. Housed at the company’s research and development campus in Fort Lupton, Colorado, PureVision is undertaking technology verification and scale-up programs with several Global-1000 companies seeking low cost sugars. These cellulosic sugars are used to make sustainable biobased products from non-food renewable resources.

The operating pilot plant is designed to process ½-metric tonne per day of raw biomass and will provide the necessary engineering data to build larger commercial plants, known as biorefineries. As its next technology scale-up step, PureVision is planning a commercial demonstration project with a biomass throughput of 25-tonnes per day, slated to break ground during the first half of 2014.

“With an operating pilot plant producing sugars, PureVision has evolved from undertaking research and small scale testing and is now pursuing technology scale-up on a variety of different biomass species,” continued Tarrant. “With good technical results coming along, we are well positioned for successful scale-up and commercialization.”

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