PureVision Hires Lignin Scientist, Chemist, Director of Business Development

January 14, 2014

PureVision Technology, Inc. (PVT), a Colorado-based biorefinery technology development company, continues to demonstrate significant progress with technology scale-up resulting in the hiring of new technical and business staff.

In November of 2013, PVT hired Dhrubojyoti Dey Laskar, PhD., in the capacity of a Technical Project Manager. An experienced researcher in the field of green chemistry, Dr. Laskar’s expertise includes plant biochemistry and biopolymer development. Previously he was a Senior Research Associate at Washington State University’s Center for Bioproducts and Bioenergy. There, he participated in numerous research projects involving lignin recovery and utilization. Dr. Laskar’s work is well recognized and he received grants from the Department of Energy, a Research Subcontract Award from National Renewable Energy Laboratory and a National Science Foundation Early-Concept Grants for Exploratory Research program.

PVT’s decision to hire a lignin specialist is timely as the company is investigating potential commercial applications for the PVT lignin including bioplastics, paints and coatings. Lignin, the second most abundant polymer after cellulose, is the binder for the cellulose fibers of trees, grasses and other plants adding strength, protection and stiffness. Dr. Laskar’s research background in lignin conversion technology complements the PVT technical staff, which continues to focus on scaling up the PVT biomass conversion technology.

PVT Chemist Andrew Boswell joined PVT in early 2013, with a graduate degree from Colorado State University and over four years experience in molecular biology labs. Additionally Andrew has experience in industrial pharmaceuticals and is versed in many different industrial fields such as testing, production, repair/maintenance, and quality control. Andrew’s fermentation, lignin and co-product development and lab assays have strengthened PVT’s technical capabilities.

PVT has also hired Casey Ives as the Director of Business Development. Casey brings twenty-five years of executive and managerial experience in sales and marketing, engineering and sustainability from IBM, CA Technologies and other growth companies. “After a year of working with PVT clients, prospects and investors, I’m encouraged at how many are seeking sustainable solutions and technology in this climate of environmental responsibility. I’m very pleased about how we’ve been able to develop a strong client pipeline to address our revenue requirements going forward," stated Ives. PVT business development priorities include attracting global companies seeking sustainable technologies to enable the production of bio-based industrial and consumer products. “With the increasing interest from many companies seeking more sustainable solutions, PVT is able to generate excitement regarding its bio-based products that are more ecological, economical and functional than the materials manufacturers are using today,” stated Ives.

Colorado-based PVT is currently operating a continuous pilot plant at their Fort Lupton headquarters that rapidly converts agricultural residues, wood and other non-food biomass into sugars and lignin. The company plans to begin developing a larger commercial demonstration project during the next year.

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