PureVision is Growing

September 19, 2012

PureVision Technology, Inc., a privately held renewable technology development company, is pleased to announce the addition of Sara Chmelka, Process Engineer. The company is now comprised of 14 high-caliber business and technical professionals whose contributions will be very valuable as PureVision moves forward in executing its commercialization initiatives.

Sara Chmelka has joined PureVision as Process Engineer to contribute to the construction, operation and optimization of PureVision’s 0.5 ton per day integrated pilot plant to convert biomass to low-cost cellulosic sugars and lignin. Sara’s areas of expertise include biological engineering, biochemical engineering and fermentation processes. Sara comes to the company with the PureVision spirit; she demonstrates strong entrepreneurial work ethic and has a real passion for advancing biomass to cellulosic sugars technology. Sara is a Colorado native and completed her B.S. at the Colorado School of Mines in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering with a minor in Bioengineering and Life Sciences.

“I entered the biorefining field because our current energy methods are unsustainable. The technology that PureVision has developed is critical to advancing our energy needs toward more renewable sources and is just one more step forward toward protecting our planet.”
-–Sara Chmelka

PureVision Technology, Inc. was established in 1992 with the goal of converting biomass (non-edible plant residues), into separate fermentable sugars and lignin streams. The sugars and lignin are then available as the raw materials to manufacture a plethora of industrial and consumer products. PureVision has completed construction and has begun shakedown of their .05 ton per day continuous pilot plant and is planning to break ground on its 25-ton per day demonstration biorefinery during 2013.